We invite you today to discover a brand new software allowing you to correctly and easily manage your poker games via your smartphone. You will definitely love the TexaPoker Live Vision software if you play poker often.

Texapoker Live Vision Software

If you have a smartphone, then you can take advantage of a new application which now gives you the opportunity to profile your opponents. But that’s not all since this judicious and essential program allows you to record all your performances or to pay attention live to your poker expenses. This special app is called Live Vision and was developed by the Texapoker teams https://www.1bet33.net/product/sports

We must admit that, even if we have seen the release of many software to help players in recent years, that the tools adapted to live play offered on these new programs are largely insufficient, or even almost non-existent for some of them. . A cruel problem which now sees a rather reliable and intelligent solution. Indeed, in order to overcome this lack, the Texapoker teams have just created a new application compatible with Android devices.

TexaPoker’s Live Vision has personalized, but also versatile features that are sure to delight poker players. It is a judicious app that allows the player to take advantage of various and direct actions such as controlling his bankroll. A very pleasant and useful way to closely follow your own expenses on the mat and to stop especially when the time is right. If this function is important and above all essential, it is precisely because it is one of the elements to prioritize, knowing that the majority of players do not always realize the level of their income, but especially also their expenses in case of losses.

Texapoker Live Mink

Of course, the application is not satisfied only with managing the bankroll. It also helps store useful information about one’s performance during a betting bola online session. And for that, it is based on the amount of the bets and the structure of play as regards tournaments. Not to mention that the most concentrated players will also be able to note moves in advance, just to have time to focus more on the game. A function that undeniably allows them to improve as the games go. This software is therefore very important and allows the player to choose with confidence and more efficiently which casinos or clubs to go for their games and especially which buy-in is in fact the most suitable for playing efficiently.

But it is an application that goes beyond the expectations of players, because it offers a formula that is both fun and very practical. The software provides its users with reliable and efficient means to best study their opponents.

Indeed, the latter gives useful details on the capacities of each one as well as the recurring faults during a competition. A definite advantage and a really interesting process, because a lot of essential and indispensable data will then be accessible. The software gives you the opportunity to control frequent errors, betting habits, but also facial expressions, bluffing methods and many other things that we suggest you discover for yourself.

The game also offers you to take advantage of a list which then reveals several types of profiles, targeting you and detailing the most passive to the most aggressive players. Does this system mean anything to you? This is normal, because in this area, Live Vision strongly resembles the trackers that are already often used in online games.

What About The WSOP?

Since we are talking about tournaments and poker, we find it interesting to close this article by also telling you another little news around the world of gaming and more particularly professional poker.

We learn today through an unusual fact that two roommates have just won a gold ring on the same day at the WSOP Circuit. Mo Nuwwarah (Poker News reporter), and her roommate Josh Reichard indeed stood out rather well from the competition during the World Series Of Poker, which stopped at the Horseshoe Hammond casino in Chicago, each leaving with a ring, surpassing in passing their opponents of the day. You should know that the World Series of Poker circuit will end on Monday, October 29, 2018, when the winner of the Main Event will be rewarded. A conclusion to a competition that was launched on October 11 and which above all recorded an exceptional participation rate.

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